Silicone Transparent and Color Tube

Accurate Rubber Industries is leading high quality Industrial Silicone Rubber Tubes Manufacturers & Suppliers in Mumbai (India). Manufactures Silicone Rubber Tubes with scientific formula, via advanced technology processing. It has good flexibility, high temperature resistance, and good stability, can be widely used for providing insulation protection for household electric appliance, industrial electric appliance.

In continues operation Silicone Tube can withstand the temperature form - 60°C to + 200°C. It is very much Flexible, arc-resistance, corona-resistant. It can be used for medical applications like Surgical Drains, Suction Equipments and Catheters applications.

Silicone Tubes can make upon customer's requirements and standard colors are Red, blue, white, gray, green, transparent, (Other color available upon request.) Our manufacturing sizes ranges from 0.2mm ID to 100mm ID with suitable wall thickness.


  • Blood Transfusion
  • I.V. Administrations
  • Percutaneous flow-guided cardiac catheterization.
  • Perfusions and circulatory blood handling
  • Effective in channeling fluids in the pharmaceuticals and food industry
  • Prolonged dialysis and drainage of the peritoneal cavity
  • Suction drainage.
  • Peristaltic Pumps applications.
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